Sulfate Free Shampoo

Sulfate Free Shampoo

Reasons to go sulfate-free

While not technically dangerous to use, there are a few reasons why you might want to consider switching to a sulfate-free shampoo instead of one you’re using now.

* They can over-cleanse. Sulfates are mainly added to hair care products to cleanse and deep clean, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. Your hair and scalp need the right balance of natural oils to promote hair growth, nourishment, and overall health, and sulfates can over-wash your hair and strip it of the oils it needs. Over-washing your hair with sulfate shampoo can result in hair loss, dryness, frizziness, loss of shine, and even over-production of oil in some cases as your scalp tries to balance out the nourishment loss.

* They can increase scalp irritation. Since we already know that sulfates can over-strip your hair of essential oils and moisture, this normally leaves your scalp at a higher risk for becoming dry and irritated. And those who already deal with scalp sensitivity are more likely to experience this unwanted side effect.

* They can strip protein from your hair. This potential damaging and weakening of the hair from shampoo that contains sulfates can also mean damaging the protein in hair. Each hair fiber is made up of about 90% protein, and protein loss has a huge effect on overall hair health. One study showed that hair exposed to a certain kind of sulfate (sodium dodecyl) was twice as likely to cause protein loss when compared to hair just immersed in water. So while it’s not sulfates as a whole, it’s a good idea to try and avoid them to increase your odds of better hair health.

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